ASi Employer Portal

The ASi Employer Portal is a convenient, secure, easy to navigate online tool that allows you to access and manage your HRA, FSA, HSA, and Commuter Benefit Accounts.  This portal is a free to use for any ASi client with the above accounts.

  • View current and prior year plan information
  • Access forms and documents
  • Retrieve over 50 scheduled reports or notifications
  • Load data files
  • Submit service requests
  • View real-time individual participant account summary and balances, enrollments, contributions, claims and payments
  • Access history of reports and notifications
  • Add, update and enroll employees

How Do I Access the Portal?

There are several ways to access your employer portal.  One is by going to and clicking the Log In menu option, then choose “Employer”.  You can also access it by visiting this link.

How Do I Log In?

Is this your first time visiting the portal?  Welcome!  First, you will need to contact our office at or by calling 559-256-1320 or 866-777-1320.

If you are returning, please enter your login credentials.

Need Help Navigating the Portal?

We are here to help you get the most out of the ASi Employer portal.  We have an Employer Quickstart Guide to help you get started.  You can also contact us with any questions.

Phone:  559-256-1320 or 866-777-1320