Dental Plans

Dental plans through ASi are funded by your employer. There are several types of plans available for your employer to choose from and are customizable to fit their and your dental healthcare needs.

How Do I Use My Benefits?

After becoming covered under your dental plan, but before receiving services, you will need to find a provider who is contracted with your network. Through ASi, we work with several networks. The network your employer has selected is referenced on your schedule of benefits, as well as your ASi Member Benefits ID card. If you need additional assistance as to which network to select, please contact our office. To find a contracted provider, please visit the appropriate links below.

Once you’ve selected a contracted provider you can receive services.

What’s the Difference Between a Contracted and Non-Contracted Provider?

By choosing to see a contracted provider they cannot charge you more than their contracted fee with the associated network.

By choosing to see a non-contracted provider they can charge you their usual and customary (UCR) fees, which may be more than what your network allows for that service.  The difference between the amount your network covers and their UCR fee will be billed to you.  You will be responsible for your share of cost AND the difference between UCR and your network’s allowable fee.

On your first visit to your provider make sure to show them your ASi Member Benefits card.  This card gives the provider’s billing department all the information they need to handle your claim. After your visit, your provider will bill ASi directly. ASi will process your claim and issue an explanation of benefits (EOB) to you and your provider.

What Does It Cover?

Since each plan is customizable by your employer, covered services are determined by them.  Please refer to your summary of benefits for services covered.

What Type of Documentation Do I Need to Submit?

If your provider accepts your ASi Member Benefits card, you should not have to submit any type of documentation.  Your provider should bill ASi directly.

If you must pay for expenses upfront or out-of-pocket, please submit an itemized statement to ASi for review.

To ensure proper claims processing and payment, proof of services provided must be submitted.  If ASi requires more information, one of our account representatives will reach out to you for additional information. Documentation provided must provide the following information:

  1. Patient Name and Date of Birth
  2. Provider Name and Address
  3. Date of Service (must fall within the pay year)
  4. Type of service/item
  5. Cost of service or your patient responsibility of the service/item

You can submit documentation to ASi by mail, email, or fax:
Mail: P.O. Box 5809, Fresno, CA 93755
RE: Dental Claims
Fax:  559-475-5780

Our account representatives will contact you if further information is needed.

If your plan is through Ameritas Dental, you will need to contact them directly for claims information. You can access your Ameritas account portal or call 877-359-8346.  Please provide your member ID or social security number when calling.**  ASi, unfortunately, cannot answer claim questions for these plans.

Still Have Questions?

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