EOB Retrieve

Explanation of Benefits Retrieve (EOB Retrieve) is a voluntary program that allows your primary insurance carrier’s EOBs to be sent directly to ASi. In order for EOB Retrieve to work, you must provide ASi your login credentials for your primary insurance carrier’s online member portal.  We then are able to view your primary insurance carrier’s EOBs and can begin processing your claims. If you wish to use this service, you must choose to register. By registering for this service, most of your claims will automatically be sent to ASi for processing. However, some carriers do not offer this benefit and/or some claims may not be accessible to ASi due to carrier restrictions. It will be your responsibility to monitor your claims and contact ASi if you suspect a claim as not been paid.

If you do not elect to register for our EOB Retrieve service, you will be responsible for ensuring ASi receives your primary carrier’s EOBs for claim processing.

How Does EOB Retrieve Work?

Once you register for this service and setup your EOB Retrieve account, ASi will begin receiving your EOBs from your primary carrier’s member portal from the date you sign up.  ASi will not be able to retrieve any claims incurred prior to registration for this service.  Any prior claims can be submitted to ASi via mail, email, or fax.    We will then process your carrier EOBs. You will receive an ASi EOB once your claim has been processed.

How Do I Register?

Registering for EOB Retrieve is a simple process, but personalized due to your specific primary carrier.  Speak with your Human Resources department about EOB Retrieve registration or contact us directly. Your HR department or ASi will provide you the steps to register for EOB Retrieve.

Email: EOBRetrieval@asibenefits.com
Phone: 559-256-1320 or 866-777-1320